[linux-audio-user] [music] First 3 tracks from me (gulp)

Stuart Allie Stuart.Allie at hydro.com.au
Thu Mar 3 17:33:16 EST 2005

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the comments.

> > Comments, criticism, suggestions, chocolate; all are welcome.
> Sorry, no chocolate ;)

Oh well, it never hurts to ask ;)

> About the tunes, In my youth I could have totally listened to this,
> reminds me
> of Tony McAlpine which I listened to quite a bit a long time ago.
> Since then I fear I have grown away from this genre.

When I first started playing guitar was when the whole Shrapnel Records
thing started happening, with MacAlpine, Malmsteen, Becker, Friedman
etc.  They were (and still are I guess...) a big influence on me. I gave
up playing for about 10 years (hand problems) and recently picked the
guitar up again, and dug out all my old CD's (and some LPs!). I've
started to get more into the "progressive rock" (Dream Theater, Arena,
Pain of Salvation, ...) genre now but it hasn't really filtered into my
playing yet.

> The solo guitars sound quite nice especially when the two guitars play
> "against" each other, they should be upfront in the mix and they are,
> there's
> a little much guitar-noise at times perhaps, not much more to say,
> possibly
> they are bit over the top with effects, but I guess that comes with
> territory.

I'm starting to realise that the amount of distortion is *way* over the
top. Sounded good through the speaker when I was playing it, but
listening to it now, well, I wish I could go back and turn the "drive"
knob way down.

> The backing arrangements seem quite nicely laid out, I think they
sound a
> bit
> synthetic though. I think they would improve alot just by changing the
> sounds/soundfonts, whatever you are using, to something of higher

Thanks for the suggestion. I've just collected a bunch of soundfonts, so
I should be able to do something about this. I hope to start using
hydrogen for drum tracks soon, so I should get some better drum sounds
out of that (I haven't really found any good drum soundfonts yet.)

> That's about all I can think of at the moment :)
> Keep it up!
> /Robert

Thanks for the encouragement.


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