[linux-audio-user]Skype and internet jamming [was Howto record PCM (from realplayer)?]

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Thu Mar 3 22:09:26 EST 2005

--- Shayne O'Connor <forums at machinehasnoagenda.com>

> Mark Constable wrote:
> > Ken Dawson wrote:
> >
> >> ...
> >> It's almost as if there must be some way of
> interposing an ALSA-aware
> >> (and re-directable) loopback device for /dev/dsp.
>  I can almost taste
> >> it, it's so close.  But my poor brain sizzles
> before I get the taste
> >> of the solution. (or something).
> >
> >
> > Another similar issue is correctly capturing both
> the
> > incoming and outgoing streams of skype on the same
> machine.
> just taking this a bit further - has anyone
> experimented with
> live-jamming over skype?
> i've done a couple of tests, but only one-way so far
> (i've got my mate's
> bass at the moment, so we haven't tried live
> jamming). i'm pretty sure,
> though, that latency would be the killer - i do some
> stuff with the
> local community radio station, and me and my mate
> found a pretty solid
> hardware codec that wasn't being used - it plugged
> into any phone line
> and would send whatever you put into it (there were
> two line inputs and
> two microphone inputs) through the phone lines to
> the decoder at the
> station.
> when we did live broadcasts from a local club,
> though, i would monitor
> from the club side what was being fed back from the
> station's broadcast
> (just to make sure it didn't drop out) - but with
> the headphones on,
> listening to the band up on stage being broadcast
> back out to me, there
> was at least a half-beat delay (mind you, i couldn't
> take the headphones
> off, because this delay turned what was an average
> reggae band onstage
> into a dubbed-out head-freak).
> even still, perhaps in an electronic music
> environment, a delay like
> this would be manageable via quantization or
> something?
> anyway, just because of the audio quality of skype,
> and the ability to
> access all areas of the globe, i thought this would
> be an interesting
> area worthy of research and experimentation.
> any thoughts?

No clue about skype. I gotta look that up. On a
related note I do have oddcastv3-jack-3.0.3 working on
my local lan so I can stream the master L,R channels
of my mixing consol over a network to xmms or whatever
client application. It's definitely not going to cut
it for live jams but it's great for letting clients
listen to what I'm producing or mixing for them.
Having a streaming jack icecast/oddcast server is

I just reconfigured my network to enable port
forwarding so it's time to test the oddcast stream
over the internet. For the first time in several years
I actually have a motivation to tolerate network


> shayne

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