[linux-audio-user] hdspmixer segfault amd64

anton at japan.com anton at japan.com
Sat Mar 5 13:09:03 EST 2005


i am using gentoo linux with 2.6.9 amd64 kernel
alsa driver 1.0.7-rc3, firmware 1.0.6 and utils 1.0.7

hdsploader and hdspconf works
unmuting using amixer and aplay works too

but hdspmixer crashes:

HDSPMixer 1.6 - Copyright (C) 2003 Thomas Charbonnel <thomas at undata.org>
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
HDSPMixer is free software, see the file COPYING for details

Looking for HDSP cards :
Card 0 : NVidia CK8S with ALC850 at 0xeb001000, irq 11
Card 1 : RME Hammerfall DSP + Multiface at 0xea000000, irq 10
Multiface found !
1 Hammerfall DSP card found.
Initializing default presets
Segmentation fault

i think i have read something about a fix for 64bit regarding
hdsp things in alsa 1.0.7-rc2 ... so i must have it allready?

i dont know if i should use alsa 1.0.8 because it is marked
unstable for amd64 in gentoo portage

ps: i would be thankful if someone can tell me how to search
this mailing list if possible
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