[linux-audio-user] resampling ardour's files with sox...

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-lad at mega-nerd.com
Sun Mar 6 15:08:02 EST 2005

On Sun, 06 Mar 2005 18:56:18 +0100
MarC <marc_contrib at ramonvinyes.es> wrote:

> sbdy told me to resample ardour's files with sox...
> Have I done anything wrong or it is not possible?
> marc at marcbcn:~/ardour/sounds$ sox Audio\ 1-9.wav -w -r 44100 foo.wav 
> resample
> sox: Failed reading Audio 1-9.wav: Sorry, this WAV file is in IEEE Float 
> format.

Try using sndfile-resample instead of SoX.

Sndfile-resample is part of libsamplerate:


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