[linux-audio-user] Re: PD demos?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 7 12:06:34 EST 2005

Juhana Sadeharju hat gesagt: // Juhana Sadeharju wrote:

> >From: Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>
> >
> >You forgot to switch on Audio computation in "Media -> Audio On" or
> >the main window. Yes, you did. ;)
> No. The "doc/3.audio.examples/output~.pd" did not work.
> It was the mute system failing completely.

Ah, yes: this patch normally switches on dsp itself. Something bad
must have happened to it Who killed Kenny? :)

> >> I would like to have an analog-style synth patch. Anyone?
> >
> >Try /usr/lib/pd/doc/3.audio.examples/C08.analog.sequencer.pd for starters.
> Next! ;-)  (It makes a lot of zipper/click noises. D/As don't clip.)
> Something like, e.g., Virus, TB303, Sequential Circuit, Juno.
> With sequencer. Something like Absynth would be nice too.

Well, for all that you're more or less on your own now. 

I have a project to create and collect more "instrument"-like
abstractions called RRADical, which you can download from the CVS at
Sourceforge but it can be a bit tricky to set up, as you need lots of
externals.  Here's a "screenshot" (actually a converted Postscript
print-out): http://footils.org/images/show.png

But generally Pd patches tend to be a rather "personal" affair, which
can be difficult to incorporate into your own work.

> 8-D   No, I check how long I survive without manuals.
> Copy/paste from other patches seems to be what works perfectly.

Yes, Pd can be learned like that, too. However you will have a harder
time to learn some of the deeper, but highly important concepts, most
notably the whole use of abstractions, the difference between
abstractions and subpatches, $-variables, data types. So I really
encourage everyone to read the HTML docs. I *know* that many people
skip them, because I did it myself for too long. 

Also note that Miller can be quite "mathematical" in his docs, somehow
like Mr. Spock: Although the docs are very correct and "logic", their
practical use is sometimes a bit hidden or unclear at first reading.
That's why I recommend to read them at least twice. I still read them
once every couple of weeks or months to freshem up my knowledge.

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