[linux-audio-user] corrupted midi messages using vstserver

Robert Persson ireneshusband at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 00:38:34 EST 2005

I have just got vstserver up and running (using the recommended ancient 
version of wine).  The problem I am having is that some midi messages to the 
plugins get garbled.  What happens is that, if I hit two or more keys 
simultaneously on my midi keyboard, one (and only one) of the notes will 
continue sounding after the keys have been released.  However if I play a 
slightly broken chord (i.e. where the keydowns are not precisely 
simultaneous) I don't get the problem.

The problem occurs, as far as I can tell, with any VST plugin that produces a 
sustained note (such as Synth1 or Phibes).  However it does not occur with 
unix-native softsynths such as zynaddsubfx or xsynth.

My midi controller is a DX7 and my soundcard is an Audigy2.

Is this an old and known problem or is it something particularly to do with my 
(up-to-date Gentoo) system, or even with my hardware?  Is there a solution?  
Would jack_fst work better? (if I can ever get it to work at all).

Many thanks
Robert Persson

"No matter how much ye shake yer peg
The last wee drap rins doon yer leg."

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