[linux-audio-user] Anyone interested in helping with melotron

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at rfa.org
Thu Mar 10 16:51:15 EST 2005

On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 09:25:04PM +0000, james at dis-dot-dat.net wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Mar, 2005 at 04:07PM -0500, John Check spake thus:
> > On Thursday 10 March 2005 11:51 am, Sean Bolton wrote:
> > > On Mar 9, 2005, at 6:06 PM, Mark Constable wrote:
> > > > Along these lines, and this would help Julien, is anyone
> > > > aware of any shell tools to deal with sf2 soundfonts ?
> > > > I would be very interested in cooperating with anyone else
> > > > that may be able to help build a set of command line sf2
> > > > extraction and rebuild tools.
> > > Takashi Iwai included two utilities in awesfx 0.4.2, one which
> > > dumped the metadata of a SF2 to a text file, and another
> > > which compiled the (possibly modified) text file and original
> > > SF2 into a new SF2.  With it you could make minor edits
> > > to a soundfont from the command line.  As-is, it's not going
> > > to help build a soundfont from single wave files, but it
> > > might be a great starting point for building such a tool.
> > > -Sean
> > Sounds like all we'd need for comping together instruments though.
> swami also uses a library (packaged handily seperately) called
> libinstpatch that seems to be just what we need: a library for
> manipulating SF2 files.  I'm about to have a closer look, but it seems
> like this will make a nice back-end and will make this project
> practically an accessible implementation of swami. 

I don't have time to contribute at the moment, but I would like to be
able to create soundfonts from scripts. A commandline tool would help
with that.
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