[linux-audio-user] Anyone interested in helping with melotron

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Fri Mar 11 08:34:34 EST 2005

venerd?, 11 marzo 2005 alle 12:53:47, tim hall ha scritto:
> Last Friday 11 March 2005 10:44, Emiliano Grilli was like:
> > I've found this article that maybe can help in the process:
> >
> > http://www.tweakheadz.com/SoundFont_Secrets.html
> Thanks Emillo, someone should tell him about free tools! I guess the Linux 
> equivalent of Vienna is Smurf/Swami? Actually I want to make really small 
> custom soundfonts containing only the sounds I want. This article will be 
> useful, bookmarked.

Yes, smurf (included in AGNULA/DeMuDi - version 0.52.6-6) seems to be
functional but no audition is possible without a wavetable card (I
guess, I don't have one). Swami should be the new name of the same
project and if I understand correctly it can use fluidsynth for audition,
and they are equivalent to vienna. Unfortunately, swami isn't included
in debian... I've build a quick deb with checkinstall, if you want to


It's ~ 602 Kb - I've taken 0.9.2 because an advice on the swami page
says that 1.0 versions are not guaranteed to work.

I think we should definately ask Free to package this :-)

Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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