[linux-audio-user] sf2 soundfont spec license

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Mar 11 14:50:27 EST 2005

> . the spec will stay as is, unchangable but free to use as
> is
> . new management may one day decide to close down the 
> openness
> . new management may one day decide to completely 
> open source it

yep, just my thoughts.

I always wondered that sampling isn't more spread in the linux 

What about packing some flacs and some XML spec data into one 
7zip file in a well defined arrangement and use this as a new 
file format?

OK, it needs lots of knowledge to define the needed elements 
of the XML file and to create a really good file format, but 
IMHO this is something really needed.

 Best regards


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