[linux-audio-user] Re: Net jamming

JP Mercury swirlee at stickist.com
Sat Mar 12 17:58:25 EST 2005

Wolfgang, Shayne, Jorge-
Jorge wrote--
>its a great idea....I'm a "no musician" sound maker, don't know if i
>coud join, but there are 3 things i think should be agreed before

No, you are already participating, amigo. This is an idea that cannot manifest
unless a group of people find it worth pursuing. It isn't going to come out of
the music industry and so it has to begin with us.

>let motif. an abstrat word so everybody sync there minds (like Brian
>Eno has done...) it would be beautiful to discover what the word
>"love" means for those 4 people playing music. That it means for the 4
>not for each one of theam... and how it grows by the passing time of

It is nice that you can be so poetic in the midst of all this technical stuff.

>roles. depending in the moment i think people shoud be able to have a
>rol in the session so that the efford should be comparted. (One does
>the beat, and another a synt stuff, and the next moment they could
>change the rol, but in every moment they know what is their roles in
>the music)

You are looking at the social side of net jamming, and I think it's great. I
agree that everyone has to have their own place in the music. And it's
intruiging to think of different games that could be played in such a jam room.

You, Shayne and Wolfgang have each come at this from a different angle and I
appreciate hearing from you all. 

>chating. it may be dificut to make music and type but I have to be
>able to say to the other guy, grrreeeeEEEAt beat woooaaaooo eheheheh

Definitely a chat.

Shayne, are you in North America?
Wolfgang is in Deutschland.
Jorge, Portugal, wasn't it?


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