[linux-audio-user] MIDI keyboard

Gilles Degottex gilles.degottex at net2000.ch
Mon Mar 14 19:17:00 EST 2005


I recently did a "MIDI linux box". A Suse installed on a minimal hardware 
configuration. There is everything needed to transform MIDI events in to 
beautiful sounds with Fluidsynth (I use a SB live).
Everything works fine with my Terratec TMS3 MIDI keyboard, but I have to use 
this linux box with a Technics keyboard (something like this 
http://www.technics.com/pc25.html) in my music group. And there, no MIDI 
events are coming to fluidsynth ...... samething with an old MIDI keyboard, 
but this old keyboard can receive the Technics MIDI events and play them ! so 
the Technics ports are not broken ...
Is there to 2 version of the MIDI protocol ?!? somebody already got this ??

Best regards,

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