[linux-audio-user] ANN: DVD-Audio authoring tool

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Tue Mar 15 18:24:25 EST 2005

> Using a cross platform toolkit often guarantees your app
> will look like crap on every platform.  For example, here's
> Audacity on my system:
> http://www.alsa-project.org/~rlrevell/audacity.png
> It looks horrible compared to my Gnome apps.  Especially
> the fonts.

I'm currently reading a lot about usability issues; this one 
is one of them.

The user may expect all apps of his platform to behave the 

But how to solve this? Even as we're on Linux and we have lots 
of choices within one system?

On Win or Mac the OS always looks the same. You demand that 
every cross platform application should use the toolkit of 
the target platforms. A good idea. But this needs to make 
many many bindings for an GUI application - lots of work only 
for the reason to make it behave as the user expects.

This also means: if anyone does a Linux application, he should 
enable his application for all GUI toolkits currently known 
on Linux. We all know that this causes lots of additional 

So, any recommendation for (not only) the audacity project?

 Best regards


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