[linux-audio-user] sfxload: No AWE synth device is found (was: Playing MIDI)

Til Schubbe t.schubbe at gmx.de
Wed Mar 16 13:13:35 EST 2005

* On 16.03. I muttered on linux-audio-user at music.columbia.edu:

> But I still can't load a soundfont:
> til at debian:~ - sfxload /etc/midi/Fender2.sf2 
> No AWE synth device is found

I saw that asfxload is needed for ALSA.  So I did this:

til at debian:~ - asfxload /etc/midi/Fender2.sf2 
No Emux synth hwdep device is found

What's going wrong?  What can I do to get a soundfont installed?


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