[linux-audio-user] Filling in some holes in my largely limited linux and audio knowledge

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Mar 18 03:41:58 EST 2005

Hello list-o-mine,

I am trying to fill in some holes in my knowledge of linux and of audio
mixing techniques. I was wondering if you might help me oh multi-headed

First I am trying to figure out compression. In PD I am using a
[limiter~] object and passing to that object a limit of 98db, ratio of
1:1.5, threshold of 10, hold time of 50, and release time of 150. Most
everything is too quiet so I plan to just turn everything up linierly
and the peaks will get compressed. I know this is a hotly debated
subject as no compression would be ideal, but can you give me perhaps
three examples of some settings you use for (example 3 types of
settings): pop music, classical or performance levels, and some middle
ground? Do you use both a compressor and expander? If so what order.

Before you publish a track, either on CD or on the net, how do you
insure someone else wont put their name on your track and take credit
for it?

I am having trouble getting audacity to find my audio devices on my
x86_64 Fedora Core 3t1 hdsp hammerfall multiface laptop. Anyone else
have this problem and solve it? The audacity people haven\'t gotten
back to me yet.

Can someone give me an example of sox\'s compand effect? I can\'t
figure out the syntax.

Lastly, I always thought a linux distro was just a system of file
arranging: e.x. every config file somewhere in /etc for redhat/fedora
core. What is the difference between distros besides initial setup
stuff (like redhat comes with a lot turned on, but you can turn stuff
off and be just like gentoo, right)? 

Thanks for the help, now and for as long as I have been drawing upon
your vast and distributed knowledge!

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