[linux-audio-user] flac encoding troubles

Wilbert Berendsen wbsoft at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 21 04:30:18 EST 2005


When encoding wav files to flac (simply with flac *.wav) some files get

When decoding them, the corrupted ones (about 3 out of 10, always the same 
ones when retrying) throw a warning: "MD5 signature mismatch". Those 
corrupted files have often (but not always) a loud 'scratch' somewhere in 
them, of about 1/10s length. The scratch is also very well visible when 
opening the decoded flac in e.g. Audacity.

I'm using flac 1.1.1. I have no other problems with my hardware/disks etc. 
only when using flac.

What could I be doing wrong, or are there really problems with the flac 


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