[linux-audio-user] more ardour+hydrogen+zynaddsubfx created stuff

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Mar 21 07:25:27 EST 2005

MarC wrote:

> I would really apreciate your suggestions in order to improve this songs!
> I know I must learn to speak English... so the second song is crap 
> because of this... but what about the other things?
> http://www.telefonica.net/web2/mrvinyes/marc/litlnemo/ThreeNotes.ogg

Cool idea for a sound. Too much midrange for my ears. Balances could be 
much better, the mids from the bass and lower range of the guitar tend 
to muddy the sound. Compression might also bring the overall sound 
together a bit better.

> http://www.telefonica.net/web2/mrvinyes/marc/litlnemo/IMissYou.ogg
> the guitar effects are made with the Zoom GFX8 pedal. 

Don't worry about the language difficulty, the words are nearly 
unintelligible anyway. <smile> Once again, your mix is unclear, the 
vocals are too far under everything to be heard clearly. Bring 'em out ! 
Nice effects, I like that kind of stuff too.

Overall I'd say you might want to study up on the use of compression and 
try more possible mixes. Bring your vocals out front more than you think 
they should be: If you're not confident about them you'll tend to mix 
them too far back. And don't worry about being a "good" singer, it 
hasn't stopped Bob Dylan's career. ;)

Listen to recordings you like, especially other stuff done with the same 
or similar tools as you have. Consider how the parts are layered in the 
mix, try to discern what's being done technically, i.e., does the bass 
sound compressed, are the drums realistically panned, are the guitars 
mixed together or is there some kind of "separation" of the parts, etc. ?

Whatever you do, don't stop. :)



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