[linux-audio-user] Re: Footswitch & Freewheeling 0.5pre3

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Mar 23 21:55:49 EST 2005

> Change init="67" to init="64".

Yo jp, Debugging said "64" so I changed that and it triggers recording.  
Ok.  Now moving the loop to a qwertz key doesn't work.  Moving it to a 
midi keyboard key works:  I press one midi key and the loop is 
transferred.  I press the same midi key again (want to playback the 
loop) but that starts recording a new loop and I get overloaded audio 
after one cycle. 

Tried something else:  While holding down a midi key I record a loop.  
Release the key.  Pressing it again me thinks this should trigger 
playback.  Instead it triggers a new recording.  Hm, something is wrong 
with .fweelin.rc probably.  Or something is wrong with midi, but we 
know that :O)  Help.

> > *  Freewheeling sometimes doesn't startup. Called from the console
> > it would say      FreeWheeling 0.5pre3      Brought to you by a
> > grant from Mother Earth. which is nice but nothing else happens.
> Well, you could look at it as a bug, or you could look at it as a
> built in opportunity to reflect on all that the Earth gives us.  ;-)

I did just that when it happened for the first time.  I waited three 
days.  Waited one more.  While reflecting.  A lot of things happened in 
the meantime.  Spring came.  A voice said "It's not the right time ..."

> It's a mystery to me. Some people have reported strange pauses on
> startup. Here's some test code for you:

No seriously, I'll try this tomorrow.

> Find Fweelin::setup() in src/fweelin_core.cc and replace the start of
> the function with:

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