[linux-audio-user] Jack problem: crackling sound

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Mar 26 07:03:34 EST 2005

Last Friday 25 March 2005 21:49, Lee Revell was like:
> 44.1KHz does work, for most people.  It seems to be specific
> combinations of hardware tat have the problem.
> Anyway it should be obvious that 44.1KHz should not be used for SBLive!
> based cards.  It's very well known that these devices operate at 48KHz
> internally.

I have an i810, which I run at 48k and is fine. I remember having some issues 
at 44.1k, not as bad as the OP described. Sorry for the vagueness.


tim hall

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