[linux-audio-user] Ardour bug?

Timo timo.sivula at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 07:06:23 EST 2005

I am a planet CCRMA user with a Fedora Core 1 installation. I have been using Ardour for about a year and consistently upgraded it when a new version becomes available on the planet. 
Regardless of the ardour version I have found it ALWAYS crashes when I try to edit the crossover point of two takes in a single region. Today I recorded two takes of some percussion where one take has a mistake in the beginning and the other in the end. I recorded both takes on the same track on top of each other. While mixing I would like to combine the takes to make one perfect track. 
All goes well until I start adjusting the crossover point. The latter part can be "extended" freely but when I try to set the point where to end the first part Ardour crashes. It does this ten times out of ten.
Ardour has behaved like this as long as I can remember. Does anyone else have this problem and is this perhaps a known bug? 
Best regards, 

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