[linux-audio-user] applications (?)

Kevin Ernste kevinernste at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 17:49:43 EST 2005

> - do Batch processing (like fade in and out at the begin and end of
> the sound convert format etc.)

The snd family has some nice tools (sndfile-info/sndinfo, sndcompare,
sndfile-convert, sndfile-resample, etc) and ecasound is quite deep and
powerful for batch processing.  And my personal "build anything you
need" tool of choice, Csound.

> - and finally to do DVD burning.

There is a very promising new DVD-A project "dvda-author" (with recent
posts on this list and elsewhere), but if you're looking for standard
DVD video/mpeg there is dvdauthor (with many graphical front-ends),
transcode, mplayer/mencoder, others.  I'm not sure if these are in

Best of luck.


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