[linux-audio-user] Re: public apology and withdrawal

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Tue Mar 29 21:33:14 EST 2005

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 20:55, Jon B wrote:
> > unfortunately, it is true that i signed noah up for spam - after
> > receiving a bunch of spam yesterday, and with my troll-like rage still
> > brewing over our exchanges, i expediently blamed noah and signed him up
> > on one of the pages the spam led to.
> Why are you using real email addresses on a mailing list in the first
> place?

Because it's rude not to?

Honestly, are people's spam filters that bad that they can't handle this, or 
is mine so bad in the other direction, that unbeknownst to me, I'm missing 
most of the private mail I get?

I always use my real email address on all the email lists I'm subsrcribed to, 
and also on usenet, and also on all web based message boards.

And yet, I at most I get about 20 unsolicited commercial emails per day, more 
typically only about 5 per day.

Again, since I seem to be the only one not worried about this problem, I 
wonder if I'm somehow missing valid emails. But I don't think so, because I 
haven't had any such complaints.

So, what gives? What's the magical difference about my ISP that I don't have 
to make life difficult for other people by mangling my email address, and 
making them go through contortions to reply to me?


lt at westnet.com
lt at westnet.com
lt at westnet.com

^ See, I'm not afraid!

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