[linux-audio-user] repost: curious about jamin feedback

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Mar 30 15:55:05 EST 2005

> > Steve, there is actually a glitch in time when you main bypass.
> > Could that be changed to the non-glitching behaviour of bypassing
> > the limiter?
> That glitch is just the change in amplitude (I think, at least with
> the CVS version), its much less serious than the glitch you get from
> changing the latency suddenly.
> - Steve

Steve, it's a glitch in _time_, it's clearly audible (CVS from just 
now). To nail it down I did

jack_metro -b 120 -> jamin -> ardour (set tempo to 120)

and recorded a track of it, like 4 beats non-bypassed, 4 beats 
bypassed ... Visually aligned the non-bypassed beats with Ardour's 
beatlines. It's clearly visible too: The bypassed beats are ~1800 
frames early.

So, this is no drama, really. But you say there should be no such thing 
and that we cannot have, now can we :?


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