[linux-audio-user] what to do about firewire HDDs

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 11:17:35 EST 2005


I need to archive client data and would very much like
to work directly from the client HD. I've tried USB
and neither version of the protocol is fast enough.

Is firewire 800 fast enough to run a 16 track Ardour
recording session? If yes, then I don't need to move
data from an archive drive to a working drive. That
would be a big bonus.

If anyone could recommend specific controlers that
would be excellent. Someone gave me an older OSCI
firewire controler but I've never been able to get it

I'm thinking about using drive trays that can be
inserted into cases. Some of the cases have multitple
bays where one could be a HD and the other a CD-R or
whatever. I've already got close to a dozen 80gig IDE
drives that belong to clients so the tray and case
seems like a good way to manage my past.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.


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