[linux-audio-user] 2.6 which patches

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Mon May 2 00:15:05 EDT 2005

Back on Sunday 01 May 2005 09:47 pm, Noah Roberts was like:
> I am compiling 2.6.11 and having trouble finding the patches I am
> supposed to use for low latency.  In scouring the internet I find old
> references to a Realtime LSM, a Low Latency patch, and the
> Pre-emptable kernel patch.  The later is included in the kernel now
> and I turned it on.  The low-latency patch seems to only be findable
> as a patch to 2.4.  The newest LSM is from a year ago.
> The user list website has a how to but it seems rather dated:
> http://www.djcj.org/LAU/guide/Low_latency-Mini-HOWTO.php3
> Last update 2 years ago.
> What are the current set of patches you use and where are they?  More
> importantly, how to you ready a CURRENT kernel for use with audio and
> where is the HOWTO on that?
> Thanks.

The current 2.6 kernel is pretty good on it's own. If you're looking to patch 
it further though, there are only really two patches you need:
1) Ingo's realtime-preempt patchset 

2) the current realtime-lsm patch. it can be found in the broken out patches 
from the mm patchset

I'm currently using a kernel with the Gentoo patchset applied (for added 
stability and bug fixes), with these two added on top (for lower latency and 
the LSM capability). Works fine.

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