[linux-audio-user] Please test the RT rlimits patch for audio

Norval Watson norv at longforest.com
Mon May 2 17:14:22 EDT 2005

> > How do I apply your patch to this PAM stuff. I don't really know where
> > to start.
> Since you're running pure64, my packages (which are i386) won't work for
> you.  The easiest thing for you is probably to get the sources from
> http://steamballoon.com/pam/debian-testing/ and rebuild the debs for your
> system.

I d'loaded pam_0.76.orig.tar.gz from steamballoon and had a go at
compiling it on the 64 box. I did not specify any configure options coz
I didn't know what to put. This didn't work so I will do a bit more
homework on the options and try again.

> Good luck,
> Jody
> > Also, I couldn't find the sources, where should I look?
> > Thanks,
> > Norv 
> > 

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