[linux-audio-user] Re: [ANN] "Symmetries" premiere recording now available (and other goodies)

Gavin Stevens gavin-stevens at gavmusic.freeserve.co.uk
Tue May 3 18:29:19 EDT 2005

Hi Ivica,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful work.

Best wishes,


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> From: "Ivica Ico Bukvic" <ico at fuse.net>
> Subject: [linux-audio-user] [ANN] "Symmetries" premiere recording now
> 	available (and other goodies)
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> Greetings all,
> First off, apologies for cross-posting...
> I would just like to share the quick-and-dirty downmix of the premiere
> of my latest work "Symmetries" (that took place at the last-week's
> "Linux Audio Conference" in Karlsruhe, Germany) with the LAU/LAD as
> well as Pd community. Without you guys, this piece would never have
> been possible :-).
> As my token of gratitude, in conjunction with this release I am also
> releasing the soundfont that I've built from scratch using exclusively
> Linux software (Swami, Rezound) and specifically for use in this
> piece. For more info on each of these please see notes below.
> As always, your feedback is much appreciated!
> -------------------
> About "Symmetries:"
> Symmetries (for computer and optional violin) is an experiment in
> relegating musical structure and expression to the inherently stupid
> box of transistors. By concurrently utilizing various GNU/Linux audio
> software(Fluidsynth/QSynth, Pd, LADSPA, Jack-rack, JACK) it was
> composer's intention to generate a lush interactive texture whose
> frail balance engenders a consistent forward drive. In an
> ever-changing array of hierarchical probabilities no two instances are
> expected to ever be the same. The piece has been designed to be
> completely modular in terms of computer-driven sound diffusion and can
> utilize 2-8 channels.
> For its premiere the piece used 8-channel diffusion. However, the
> recordings below are provided in a stereo-downmix form.
> Hardware used in performance was eMachines m6807 laptop (64-bit AMD
> 3000+), RME HDSP Multiface, and a Peavey 1600x midi controller that I
> used to control some of the timbral nuances via Pd and Jack-Rack
> The violin part was played by Ania Zielinska (Poland) who commissioned
> the work.
> -------------------
> There are 3 recordings available:
> 1) 128-bit (fixed rate) 48KHz OGG recording of the premiere:
> http://meowing.ccm.uc.edu/~ico/Symmetries_LAC_2005_premiere.ogg
> (5.8MB)
> 2) 128-bit 48KHz MP3 recording of the premiere:
> http://meowing.ccm.uc.edu/~ico/Symmetries_LAC_2005_premiere.mp3
> (6.0MB)
> 3) 64-bit 44KHz MP3 of the computer part:
> http://meowing.ccm.uc.edu/~ico/Symmetries.mp3 (2.8MB)
> Best wishes,
> Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor
> http://meowing.ccm.uc.edu/~ico/

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