[linux-audio-user] converting sysEx from my juno-106 into something more useful

Brian Dunn job17and9 at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 12:26:15 EDT 2005

Seems like a shame though to use a beautiful vintage
juno-106 as a controller instead of the other way
around :)

i know what you mean. the juno sounds great, but i've
got some hardware issues with using it (like i'm too
cheap to buy a 1/8 in stereo adapter, and my
soundcard's input jack got fried).  so to me it seems
like a shame to have 13 0 to 127 sliders sitting there
on my desk that i can't use.  
>actually I only implemented the controllers towards 
>sysex conversion: [sequencer

would it be possible for a fledgeling programmer to
add the other capabilites to your code, and if so,
would you be willing to help me in this endevor?  


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