[linux-audio-user] 44100 -> 48000

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd-lad at mega-nerd.com
Sat May 7 18:47:12 EDT 2005

Mark Constable wrote:

>  Rivendell radio automation software, alsa and jack, darkice with
>  jack support, peercast. All on one machine. Wav files in rivendell
>  are in 44100 format. Rivendell plays songs and outputs to jack,
>  jack is connected to audio outs (can be disconnected if this will
>  help) and to darkice. Darkice encodes as ogg and sends to peercast.
>  Bam! Streaming radio station in a box. Problem, my sound card is an
>  nForce2 which it seems only operates at 48000 and the combination
>  I am trying does not seem to be happy with this. Converting sample
>  rates by alsa on input would seem to be one solution to my problem.

Don't use the alsa sample rate converter. It has serious problems.

Another poster mentioned that Rivendell now uses libsamplerate.

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