[linux-audio-user] Imagine -- Fluestern verboten

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon May 9 09:35:43 EDT 2005


Got a new track on http://muzik.agnula.org/view.php?view=track&id=839
It's the 1st of a series of numbers for a collection called "Fluestern 
verboten" (German for "Whisper forbidden").

Maybe it'll form an associative field of thought and sound on the 
politics of whispering. But then again maybe not. These times start to 
get at me and whispering seems appropriate. As a form of social and 
political conduct it is threatened and encouraged at the same time. So 
what to conclude from that?

Sketchy as ever, still I hope this leaves room for collaboration, 
whisper up.


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