[linux-audio-user] Have a look at the kcsm .ogg stream

M P Smoak smoak at mis.net
Mon May 9 17:08:02 EDT 2005

I've been listening to kcsm recently using alsaplayer. They have
a 128k stream and a 64k mp3 stream.  Both have sounded real good
everytime till now.

Right now the ogg stream is very distorted/corrupted.  I sent
them an email, but I'm still interested in what's causing this.

I can bring up 2 instances of Alsaplayer and listen to first one
stream and then the other.  Alsaplayer reports the mp3 stream
as 64k, but the streaming rate for the 128k stream varies, 
110  to  230 rapidly.  I never payed attention to the stream
rate before but I know I've been using the ogg stream and I
think I would have noticed this rapid variation.

I running a recent PlanetCCRMA RH9 setup.

Who's problem is it; theirs or Alsaplayers?


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