[linux-audio-user] New hardware choice

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu May 12 06:44:44 EDT 2005

Hi all,

  I'm plaaning to get a new home PC that could also be used (along with
software development) for creating and recording music.

  What I'd like to do: sequence MIDI external sounds (synth module(s)),
add accoustic guitar and flute, record everything to wav and/or Ogg
Vorbis formats (using original external synths sounds).  Optionally, to
be also able to choose from a palette of SoundFonts (as I did with
my current PC, using a SB Live! card and MusE).

  What I'd like to get as PC: an Athlon 64bit based mobo, 2 GB RAM, some
250 GB disk storage. graphics card not that important as it's not used
to play games (why not on-board graphic ?).  Operating system: in the
end most likely handmade Linux based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) but for
starters SuSE 9.3 64-bit, or any other that's good enough.

  Now, is there some strong allergic reaction between a Linux Audio
setup and 64-bit CPUs ?  Are 64-bits platforms recommended for audio
purposes or is it better to wait a few more years ?  If it's OK, which
mobo would you recommend ?

  Which audio/MIDI card would you recommend for such a setup ?

  Which speakers system could deliver good sound quality.  I presently
have some Creative I-Trigue speakers and I'd hate doing any quality
stuff with it implying listening closely over and over again to
sequences and sounds.  Is it possible to connect regular sound system
quality speakers to PC sound cards ?  What speaker setup would you
recommend for driving both the external synth(s) and audio sound card ? 
Is a mixer needed ?

  Thanks a lot for any advice/suggestion/hint !



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