[linux-audio-user] Muse Research's RECEPTOR ?

NiXO Beee nixobeee at hanginggarden.dyndns.org
Thu May 12 13:18:55 EDT 2005


I know the matter might be subject to flame (because this piece of gear is not 
intended to run free GPL software), but it is running GNU/Linux (a modified 
Redhat, with a Wine environment for running VSTs and VSTis, I think), so I 
guess it might be somehow in relation with the list...

Well, here are my questions.

Are there any RECEPTOR users in here ?
What is this machine really worth ?

Is it expandable with Linux free audio software ? (I guess no, but why not ?)

May it be usable for multitracking audio, or is it just a plain plugin 
player ?

Is it really stable ?

Doesn't the Wine environment create an awful overhead, given the specs of the 
machine ?

Thanx in advance for your lights :)

And sorry if it's been discussed before, don't flame me and just point me to 
the right archive...

PS : for those who never heard about this Receptor, here is the URL :
[ NiX=O Beee ]
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