[linux-audio-user] New hardware choice

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 00:10:31 EDT 2005

--- Paul Winkler <pw_lists at slinkp.com> wrote:
> On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 06:44:44AM -0400, lanas
> wrote:
> >   Which speakers system could deliver good sound
> quality.  I presently
> > have some Creative I-Trigue speakers and I'd hate
> doing any quality
> > stuff with it implying listening closely over and
> over again to
> > sequences and sounds.  Is it possible to connect
> regular sound system
> > quality speakers to PC sound cards ? 
> Yes, but you'll need an amplifier (or self-amplified
> speakers).
> I'm a big fan of the PSB Alpha B home stereo
> speakers, I think
> it's the best bargain around in bookshelf speakers.
> If you dig around you can find them for under US
> $200 / pair, and at that
> price they sound better than most studio monitors in
> the under-$1000 range. 
> (Of course you have to add the price of an amp too;
> I just use my old 
> home stereo amp.)
> I wouldn't mind a pair of Mackie HR624's, I like how
> they sound
> and they're probably more accurate, but those are
> $900 / pair and I've heard 
> rumours of reliability issues (it didn't help that
> when I went to check 
> them out, one of the demo units was broken).

I've heard those reliability rumors. What the heck let
me add to the them. We've owned a pair of Mackie
monitors for three or four years. I use them so often
I can't recall the model number. I hate them. Mostly
because of reliability.

They have a gazillion dollars worth of protective
circuits and armed monkeys inside but booom they blow

We bought them because they sound damned good. I was
watching ebay for Alesis M1Active monitors. I've got a
pair of those that I've abused to no end for five
years. Never a problem. I'd like to replace the Mackie
garbage with another pair of M1Active or whatever they
have now.


> Paul Winkler
> http://www.slinkp.com

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