[linux-audio-user] Please test the RT rlimits patch for audio - audacity

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Fri May 13 16:47:34 EDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-05-13 at 20:06 +0200, Ruben Jenster wrote:
> Does anyone of you has problems with RT rlimits & audacity?
> For me it doesn't work here. When trying to record or play something
> with audacity it crashes.

I haven't actually looked at the problem, but it appears that Audacity
tries to create its own watchdog thread, probably at RT prio 99.

This is a bug in Audacity!  The whole point of the RT rlimit patch
setting an upper limit is so that a single, system-wide, root-owned
watchdog thread can run at a higher RT priority than any
"unprivileged" (I hate this term, because it's not "unprivileged", it's
a new level of privilege between joeuser and root, a concept which many
UNIX people refuse to accept) RT process.

If Audacity really needs its own watchdog thread, it should not set the
RT priority to 99, since no sane distro would ship with that enabled.


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