[linux-audio-user] Building knob.pd_linux

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Fri May 20 09:52:03 EDT 2005

Hello Frank, I hope you're listening in, this one is for you:

You finally got me where you want us all to at least look once: I'm 
wading through pd pages on the net and building pd and externals. The 
stuff I see and hear there is awesome, well, like you always said.

The hook for me was fwish (http://www.danslchamp.org/mrtof/code.htm). 
That I wanted to see. I tried a *lot* of things. Turned out that after 
building Gem, zexy, cyclone, Iemlib etc I needed fwish's relaxing 
images badly. I take it from pd-list that the nightmarish experience of 
getting and building pd stuff is a known feature. So I won't complain. 
But hey =:O

Then I said to myself: "Something simple now for a change" and ran into 
your pd303 (http://footils.org/cms/show/19). Ha! Even the first steps 
are fun: Can't build knob.pd_linux (parse error "typedef struct 
_methodentry" from m_imp.h) The makefile points to pd source (I'm back 
to 0.37.1-devel) alright, m_imp.h and the others are there.

The knob.pd_linux that you have included in http://footils.org/pd303.tgz 
loads. But pd says 
"knob.pd_linux: undefined symbol: iemgui_list"
when it's supposed to do anything (although iemgui_list exists in 

So now I need your help. I want the knob. I think the knob will rock. 
Will it?

Thank you for all your stuff, btw.

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