[linux-audio-user] I actually made some music!

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Wed May 25 10:02:47 EDT 2005

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 12:08:20PM +0100, tim hall wrote:
> This is my first attempt at using Ardour for a proper recording, largely 
> following Paul's presentation at LAC.
> http://www.glastonburymusic.org.uk/sound/samsara.ogg
> Usual disclaimers apply, I'm not an engineer, so any thoughts welcomed.

Sounds great in the headphones here! 
I especially like the guitar and vocal sounds.

The balance is good but overall seems a bit shy in the low end. 
I could do with a touch more bass, but I'm a bassist so you 
probably shouldn't listen to me :-)

Incidentally, it's a good solid song and the vocals are excellent.


Paul Winkler

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