[linux-audio-user] Syncing Ardour + Hydrogen so Hydrogen willfollow Ardour tempo change

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Fri May 27 00:36:59 EDT 2005

Aaron Trumm wrote:
>>we just need a change from a tempo of 86bpm to 94bpm and back again ...
>>how do we do this in ardour? will i have to record the hydrogen tracks
>>into ardour at the different tempos, and then adjust the ardour tempo
>>track to match up? that would sort of suck ... other approaches?
> I dunno if this'll work for your purposes, but what I'd do is create the
> proper tempo map in ardour, create a beat in hydrogen of the right tempo for
> the section, export it as a .wav and import it into ardour - that's how i do
> all my hydrogen stuff with ardour

damn - i was afraid this would be the only option ...

why this sucks:

we don't know what tempo the change will introduce. after trying other
ways, we'd done it this way, only to find out the change was too fast :(

oh, i guess it's not *too* bad, but is it a long way off before these
sorts of things can happen in an intuitive and stable way?


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