[linux-audio-user] WaveMixer 0.3

Raoul raoul.hecky at gmail.com
Fri May 27 06:26:29 EDT 2005

> Very nice :) Now I think I finally understand the purpose of your app!
> The compose-window(sp?) works very nicely and is fun to use, but I
> wonder what the integrated sample editor will do, that can't be done
> with, say Audacity?

Yes, audacity can do all sample editing, but It's better to have our own
sample editor, because changing apps between audacity and wavemixer all time
is not a good thing. I think having an integrated sample editor is more

> You have to save the file before it can be dragged
> into position, no?

Yes and no! If you first load the file into tha sample editor, you'll have to
save it first before using it on tracks... But if you load files first onto
tracks, it's the block you are editing.
We have to think about a better way for that. And if you've got any ideas,
you're welcome ! :)

Raoul Hecky

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