[linux-audio-user] light multitrack recording

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat May 28 04:42:36 EDT 2005

Last Friday 27 May 2005 15:03, Peter Lutek was like:
> i'm wondering what you all would recommend as the least resource-consuming
>   (in terms of cpu/memory usage) method for multitrack recording. i need to
> record 18 channels (each to its own file) of 44.1kHz float audio in a live
> setting, while simultaneously running some looping and FX, so i'd like to
> keep the recording chain as lean as possible.
> curiously, my tests have shown significantly lower average system load  
> using ardour than using ecasound. i was surprised by this, having assumed  
> that ecasound would be the solution. so now i'm wondering if other options
>   might be even better than ardour. maybe a recorder built in pd? i do need
> metering, preferably with resettable peak indicators.

Ardour is remarkably light on use of resources. It's either that or Ecasound I 
think. Ecasound is good for script-driven stuff. Ardour has graphic meters. I 
think any other approach is likely to be much more work for fewer gains.


tim hall

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