[linux-audio-user] Miscellaneous hardware/software questions

Jason White jasonjgw at pacific.net.au
Tue Nov 1 00:39:22 EST 2005

I am looking for suitable hardware to handle digital i/o between a Linux
system and an RME ADI-2 ad/da converter that I just bought. I don't need lots
of channels, but reliability of the data transfer is important, including
jitter reduction. An RME card would be excellent but it is somewhat outside my
budget. Also, connectivity to a laptop would be desirable, suggesting either a
USB interface or waiting until http://freebob.sourceforge.net/ (the Alsa
firewire project) matures. I don't plan to run any OS besides Linux with this
hardware, so Alsa support is crucial. As this is for home/personal use I'm not
in a hurry. M-Audio hardware is high on my list of possibilities at the

Now to the software question: does there exist any sound editor with a
non-graphical interface, i.e., one that can be operated from the Linux console
for inserting, deleting, copying and otherwise editing audio? Due to a
vision-related disability I can't use a graphical display and therefore need a
text-only solution - but all the sound editors appear to require X11. Surely
it should be possible to design an audio interface to a digital sound editor.

Suggestions welcome.
I've discussed hardware on this list once before, and the USB options weren't
highly regarded at the time.

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