[linux-audio-user] jack and setuid

conrad berhörster conrad.berhoerster at gmx.de
Wed Nov 2 08:25:45 EST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 2. November 2005 14:02 schrieb Paul Davis:
thanks paul, 
> > bash-3.00#  chmod ugo+s /usr/local/bin/jackd
> > bash-3.00# exit
> > bash-3.00$ ls -la /usr/local/bin/jackd
> > -rwsr-sr-x  1 root root 206476 2005-11-01 15:23 /usr/local/bin/jackd
> this is a really, really, really bad thing to do. 
yes, i have read that, because of security. but don't know a better way. 

> there is no reason to 
> run jackd as root or set it up as setuid root. you should be using some
> kernel-based technique that allows you to get realtime priviledges
> without being root (capabilities on 2.4 kernels, realtime-lsm for 2.6.12
> or lower, or the new rtlimits code for 2.6.13 or above). 
since i'm using 2.6.14 , you mean set_rtlimits from 
http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/~jwoithe/set_rtlimits-1.1.0.tgz ?

but if i run jack as a user, there are no capture ports, and i have tons of 

sizu c~

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