[linux-audio-user] AudioTrak Maya 44 USB

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 2 11:03:11 EST 2005

Lukas Zapletal hat gesagt: // Lukas Zapletal wrote:

> Anyway, does anyone know, where the problem is?
> $ alsaplayer -o alsa -d hw:1,0 test.mp3
> error on set_channels (2) Unavailable hw params:

Can you try, if this works: 

$ alsaplayer -o alsa -d plughw:1,0 test.mp3

Note the "plughw"-part. This will make ALSA automatically convert the
sound data to a format, that the hardware can understand (like
converting stereo to 4-channel data etc.)

> No capture mixers... Very strange.

Not necessarily. Many soundcards, especially USB, don't have mixer
controls for everything. Some don't even have a mixer at all (like the
M-Audio Quattro.) And some use very complicated mixers like the RME

However of course they should be able to play and capture even when
not using a mixer in advance ...

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