[linux-audio-user] Re: Ardour mixer plugins

Ben Loftis ben at glw.com
Fri Nov 4 13:56:26 EST 2005


Your description makes it sound like you are running the reverb first, then 
distortion.  That may be part of the problem.  You probably want the 
distortion before the EQ.  In Ardour the mixer plugins are connected in 
series, with the items at the top of the list coming "before" the lower 

I'd make a chain like this:  eq->compressor->distortion->eq->reverb
and then start experimenting with the settings of each.  Tweaking the eq's 
before and after the compressor and distortion will give you lots of tones. 
For example, you could boost the low end with the first eq and then reduce it 
with the second EQ.  You'll want to try several different distortions to see 
how they react with the EQ.


> 2. Can anyone of you suggest a good rock guitar plugin setting? I'm
> currently using "freeverb"+"foldover distortion" - the result is okay,
> but somehow not enough.
> Thanks in advance
> - Marcel Karras

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