[linux-audio-user] software that can rip indices?

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Sat Nov 5 10:07:35 EST 2005

On Friday 04 November 2005 12:44 pm, doublehelixer at yahoo.com wrote:
> Small indeed, yes.  It's a large library of SFX for
> audio production.  We own them outright on CD, but if
> we want to aquire individually ripped files (to se up
> a searchable database SFX server) we either have to
> re-purchase them or rip them ourselves.
> - Andy

Hello Andy,

I now understand your problem.  I have the Data Becker Monster Sound 
Masterbits Sound Library Pack:  8 CDs of WAV samples.

I take it you're trying to builder a sound browser like Data Becker's 
so you can locate a particular sound given search parameters and pull 
it off the appropriate disc.

Good luck.  I'd be interested in any working Linux application you 
come up with.  I'm still dual booting into Windows NT to pull the 
samples off the Data Becker CDs.


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