[linux-audio-user] terrible sineshaper dependencies

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Nov 5 22:35:12 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-05 at 22:48 +0000, Nigel Henry wrote:
> Hi. Has anyone got sineshaper installed on FC3? I'm having the most terrible 
> dependency problems. gtkmm, then glibmm, and the list of deps goes on and on. 
> I thought that Fedora extras handled thes deps, but adding the urls to yum 
> for the fedora extras hasn't solved it. Yum says gtkmm doesn't exist. 

The proper package to install from Fedora Extras would be:

  yum install libglademm24-devel

That will pull in all the proper dependencies...
But that will not be enough, see below.

> I'm not 
> knocking anything. I'd just like to get sineshaper working, as it sounds like 
> a good synth. Any tips, hints. Nigel.

In FC3 the gtk2 packages in the core distribution are not new enough to
support the required version of libglademm and friends (2.4.x vs.
2.6.x). So, there are packages for all the required stuff in Fedora
Extras but the versions are not new enough[*] for fc3. It looks like fc4
has newer stuff that would work (I have not tried)...

Upgrading gtk2 in fc3 would not be impossible (so that all other
packages can go up in version), but such a central package usually has a
lot of dependencies (ie: other packages that depend on it) that are
sometimes broken by new versions - so then you need to upgrade the
dependencies and so on and so forth. When I have tried to do this in the
past it has not been worth the effort. 

-- Fernando

[*] or, for proper Fedora bashing, they are, perhaps, "terribly
antiquated" or "older than dirt"? :-) ;-) :-)

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