[linux-audio-user] SysEx dumps - warning newbie alert :)

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Nov 6 06:17:50 EST 2005

> Can anyone suggest a program for doing the 'all voice & multi' dumps
> on my Yamaha SY35 and TG33. I tried sysexxer (0.7) but though it
> seems to handle individual voices ok, it bombs on the bigger dumps.
> There doesn't seem to be amy development happening on it either :(

did you contact the authors? I guess no because otherwise I knew about 
it ;-) .

Anyway, sysexxer should work OK, but if you want to have real ALSA 
support then use the CVS version.

Furthermore, if you're using an USB MIDI device, please ensure that you 
have *disabled* the audio and MIDI drivers in the USB driver section of 
your kernel. Both are OSS drivers which conflict with the snd_usb_audio 
driver in the sound section of your kernel config.

I once had lots of problems, some sysex packages lost the first three 

Is it possible that you send me the sysex packages causing problems via 

Best regards


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