[linux-audio-user] verdict on edirol fw products

Noah Roberts roberts.noah at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 11:30:05 EST 2005

On 11/9/05, nescivi <nescivi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Tuesday, November 8, 2005, 8:08:58 PM, you wrote:
> NR> I am looking to purchase a nice soundcard for the laptop.  What is the
> NR> verdict on the Edirol Firewire stuff?  How about the USB2 stuff?  I'm
> NR> especially interested in products like the FA101 or UA101.
> The UA101 is not supported, as it is USB2, but does not adhere to the
> USB audio standard.
> The device shows up as a Vendor Specific Type (in the USB descriptor),
> not as an audio device. I suppose a separate driver will need to be
> written for it, which probably won't succeed without information from
> Edirol. I am not sure what the current status is there.

How is Edirol about Linux support?  Do they provide documentation to
developers or are they tight asses about it?  If they are tight asses,
is there a good sound system made by someone that is better about
supporting their customers' choice in OS?

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