[linux-audio-user] Best soundcard for DJing with Linux (Poll)

J_Zar j_zar at openjay.org
Wed Nov 9 20:14:31 EST 2005

Alle 03:22, mercoledì 09 novembre 2005, Frank Barknecht ha scritto:
> Hallo,
> J_Zar hat gesagt: // J_Zar wrote:
> > I think this article could be interesting for some Linux Audio User.
> >
> > At OpenJay.org there was a poll about "Best soundcard for DJing with
> > Linux". Here the results:
> >
> > http://www.openjay.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=88
> Some random remarks:
> I think, such polls need to be taken with a grain of salt: How many of
> the participiciants actually used different soundcards or at least
> tested them thoroughly? As the Soundblaster probably is the most widly
> used card, it's no wonder, that it turned up high on the list. However
> if it's indeed the best card for DJing still is an open question.
> Maya USB and Terratec USB are almost the same hardware, so from a
> Linux perspective, their votes also could be added together. (Of
> course, the price is different.)
> What is a "M-Audio Audiophile Series" card, USB or PCI? I guess, USB,
> as the PCI card is unusable for DJs, because it lacks enough channels
> for PF listening.

You are right talking about my imprecisions. "M-Audio Audiophile Series" 
stands for the generic series cause it is not enough spread in the DJ world.
 Maya USB and Terratec USB are the same: true. But vendor support is not the 
same, if there is.
The poll gives an idea, however. This is the important thing... ;-)

Gianluca Romanin
  (aka J_Zar)

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