[linux-audio-user] Problems starting JACK...

Michael T D Nelson m_nels at gmx.net
Thu Nov 10 12:05:37 EST 2005

Florian Schmidt wrote:
 > On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:17:35 +0000
 > Michael T D Nelson <m_nels at gmx.net> wrote:
 >>jack_create_thread: error -1 switching current thread to rt for
 >>inheritance: Unknown error 4294967295
 >>cannot start watchdog thread
 > Just a guess:
 > Uncheck the realtime option in qjackctl's setupdialog

Thanks. Well, if I uncheck the realtime opton, JACK will now start. But 
it worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago.

I don't think that it coincided with any changes which I made, but I'll 
have to check that. I think I may have upgraded my kernel at some point 
(but only to a newer CCRMA kernel).

Maybe it's time to reboot into thwe older kernel and see if the problem 
goes away...

 > or setup either
 > - the realtime_lsm
 > or
 > - rtlimits

Well, if this turns out to be the problem, then I'll have to learn how 
to set one of these up I guess.


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