[linux-audio-user] New track, old tracks updated

Stuart Allie Stuart.Allie at hydro.com.au
Thu Nov 10 21:47:58 EST 2005

Hi All,

New music at http://allie.opensrc.org

Finally got a new track to put up. "Haunted Hope" is the piece I am most
happy with to date. It is a bit different to to my previous work - more
melodic, more interesting harmonically and rythmically. (I think so

It was also composed and mixed differently, using muse and ardour for
the first time. Because of instabilities with ardour on my machine, the
final mix ended up being done with ecasound. (I've got a mostly-working
python script to read the ardour file and produce an almost-equivalent
ecasound ecs file.)

Midi files: 
I've uploaded midi files for each of the 4 pieces on my site - they are
in the midi_files directory. Please feel free to download the midi files
and use them in whatever way you like. I'd be *really* interested in
hearing other people's renderings of the pieces.

MP3 files: 
I've added mp3 versions of each track for those that prefer that format.
They are available in the mp3 directory.

New Mixes:
Updated mixes of the first 3 pieces, "Can't Beat Them", "Takes Two", and
"Feeling Slow". The changes include:
* More interesting drum and bass lines.
* Better drum sounds (Natural Studio nskit7).
* Better mixing and mastering after doing some actual reading on the
* New synth sounds - using ams and zynaddsubfx now. Both are fantastic
If you heard these pieces before I'd love to hear your comments on the
new mixes.

Also, on my wiki page at musicians.opensrc.org I've put a list of gear I
am thinking of buying over the next year or so. I'd welcome any comments
people have on quality/value-for-money/suitability etc.


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